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An effective guide for Girls that just started menstruating

Menstruation in most women initiates in their early teens and adolescence and continues till their mid or late fifties.

The menstrual cycle starts when the levels of estrogen increase. The increase in estrogen causes the lining of the uterus to thicken and triggers the formation of an egg in one of the ovaries. The egg matures in a few days to begin its journey to the uterus from the fallopian tubes. The thick cushion in the form of lining of the uterus protects the egg from exterior elements. The thick protective coating is not required if the egg is fertilized and the body gets rid of the thickened lining through the process of menstruation. If the egg is fertilized the protective cushion is necessary and that is why the menstruation stops during pregnancy.

The normal period for most women lasts for four to five days depending on the age, estrogen levels, and hormones. Some women may also experience periods of two to seven days depending on several factors. Although the blood loss may seem significant in periods, but menstrual bleeding is usually not more than 3 tablespoons of liquid per menstrual cycle.

Although the primary sign of menstruation is bleeding, many women also experience other normal symptoms usually in the days before the cycle starts. The symptoms vary in amounts and include pelvic pain or pressure, sore breasts, bloating of the stomach, cravings for food, headaches, backaches, and cramps. If you feel the symptoms get in the way of your daily chores or routine, check the tips to deal with the common symptoms of menstruation in other sections of the website.