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Wake up to a beautiful morning, confident that you’ll never have to worry about leaks and stains again.

We proud to announce that we are now introducing US made high quality product (PantiePads & UndiePads) first time in Pakistan to the gentry who are always looking for the products which are best for uses during the important days and do not compromise on quality. We just bring for you the high quality US made pads which are built-in in panties, these panties are disposable and you can easily use these products during your menstrual days.

These new Disposable Panties with Built-In Menstrual Pad, the first convenient and worry-free alternative to traditional sanitary pads and tampons. The stylish panties are designed to provide a perfect curve-hugging fit and look and feel just like regular panties, but a little bit better. They're made of a soft breathable fiber created especially for wear during the menstrual cycle. The unique pad stays in place without bunching and provides long-lasting freshness for as long as you need it. Patented technology guarantees safe, leakproof protection from back to front or side to side, for moderate to heavy periods, overnight or all day long.
PantiePads & UndiePads PROTECTION You can Count On!

Characteristics & Advantages:
• Protection from leakages throughout the day and night
• Pads do not bunch-up and stay firmly in place
• Made from comfortable and breathable fabric with a perfect fit
• Unique and secure patented pad for no leakage and optimum absorbency
• Advanced technology that repels odors and smells
• Extra-long pads for stopping side, front, and back leakages
• Ideal for traveling, heavy flows, menopause, postpartum, pregnancy, and busy days
• Convenient and discreet Toss ‘N’ Go bags for effective and efficient disposal
• No need for buying pads and underwear separately

What are some of the New Trends in Menstrual Pads?

There have been several breakthroughs and significant developments in menstrual pads in the past century apart from the invention of tampons that also carry significant risks and disadvantages including Toxic Shock Syndrome. Several improvements have been made to pads to enhance the shape and size to minimize leakages and maximize coverage. There are several pads with varying sizes and shapes that suit women with different needs along with scented pads. However, there has only been one ground-breaking invention that revolutionized menstrual pads.

PantiePads is a revolutionary breakthrough in menstrual pads that offers an exciting, comfortable, and soft alternative to standard sanitary napkins, pads, and tampons. UndiePads and PantiePads are comfortable, soft, extra-absorbent, stylish, and attractive disposable panties or underwear that have pads fitted and sewn directly into the fabric and the benefits of these breakthroughs are phenomenal.

Don’t Worry about Stains and Leaks anymore!

Generally, most leakage accidents and mishaps occur in the first few days of the menstrual cycle of women as they experience the heaviest flow in those days. If you use standard sanitary napkins or tampons you have to make frequent, regular, and inconvenient trips to the restroom to change the tampons or napkins. However, even when you are careful and change the tampons or pads frequently, leakages may occur due to movements or posture or your panties can be damaged due to the leakage or the extra-adhesive tapes on pads.

UndiePads and PantiePads comprise soft, super-long, and extra-absorbent pads sewn directly into the fabric that prevent leaks from all sides irrespective of your posture and movements. The panties do not curl or bunch-up when you move around and you can feel safe, secure, and comfortable throughout the day and night for up to 12 hours. The most convenient aspect is that they are made of biodegradable material and you can dispose them once you have used them without causing any harm to the environment.

PantiePads not only secure your clothes and give you a feeling of comfort and security but they are also eco-friendly.

Feeling Comfortable and Fresh throughout the Month
Most women complain that they do not feel comfortable and fresh during their menstrual cycles. Although several scented and absorbent products are available in the market many women face issues when the sanitary napkins are saturated and need to be changed.

PantiePads are composed of high-tech, advanced, and patented fiber that is not only extra-absorbent but also helps in keeping the fluid away from the body. The panties will give you a feeling of comfort and leave you fresh throughout the day and month.

Place an order for a box of PantiePads right now and increase your ability to lead a life of comfort, safety, security, and confidence throughout the month.